About Us

The Blaufeld Schiller & Holmes LLP Difference

Personalized Attention

Personalized attention begins with accessibility and we ensure that you can reach us, regardless of where you live, by providing a toll-free telephone number. We perform the initial consultation at a time and place convenient to you and at no cost. Once we agree to take your case, we stay in touch with you by phone and mail. We prepare each case individually, emphasizing your unique circumstances. Since no two of our clients are identical, neither is their representation.

Seasoned Attorneys

Blaufeld Schiller and Holmes, LLP is a small law firm where every case is a priority. Our fees are for service, not frills. We are assisted by law clerks, a support staff, a complete law library and computer-aided legal research - all resources that enhance representation of our clients.

Discrete Areas of Practice

We do only what we do best, confining our practice to Workers' Compensation, Social Security and Disability law. We represent only injured workers, not employers or insurance carriers. This concentration allows us to stay current, focused and fully committed to discovering new and better ways to represent working people. We are neither distracted by competing areas of practice nor spread too thin to provide quality representation.

Typically, B S & H handles Workers' Compensation cases in which workers have sustained job-related injuries, hearing loss or other disabilities and wish to file a claim for benefits or protect an existing claim from being terminated. We handle all aspects of a petition from first filing through appeals. We also represent people in Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income claims. We encourage our clients to be represented from the initial claim because getting these benefits is quite difficult. If the claim is denied, we can help our clients through the appeals process. Hearings are held before Administrative Law Judges; appeals are held before the Appeals Council or in Federal Court.

To understand more about how our practice areas may apply to you, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site.

Client Communication

An informed client is an advantage in every aspect of your case. Your participation helps us do a better job for you. That is why we keep you informed and up to date about the progress of your case, copy you on correspondence and answer your questions by promptly returning your phone calls.

Educational Outreach

In addition to keeping clients informed, we conduct educational seminars for working people throughout the area. These seminars are held at union halls and other locations, convenient to you, that are free and open to the public. The seminars provide current information about workers' rights, eligibility for Workers' Compensation and Social Security benefits, new legislation and other issues that affect working or disabled people.

Contingent Fees

We charge fees only if we win your case. Initial consultation is free of charge. Unlike many firms who advertise contingent fees yet require clients to pay in advance for court transcripts, doctors' depositions and the like, B S & H advances all costs on your behalf in most cases. We know disabled people cannot afford these expenses. Our fees are usually 20% of your Workers' Compensation benefits or 25% of your past due Social Security benefits.

Representing the working men and women of Pennsylvania since 1981