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Top 10 Reasons to Make Blaufeld Schiller & Holmes LLP Your Law Firm

10. We have a toll-free number - there is no cost to you to call us.
9. We return client phone calls - always.
8. We travel to where you are- you don't have to come to us.
7. We educate you about the law with free seminars in your local area.
6. Fees are contingent and we advance litigation costs.
5. There is no case too small - you need good representation.
4. We represent only injured people - no insurance companies.
3. We treat each case like it is our only one - we know how important it is to you.
2. We truly value our clients and consider them the reason for our success.


1. You just can't get the BS&H difference anywhere else!

Representing the working men and women of Pennsylvania since 1981